Project Profile: Jackfish 2 Pad Commissioning and Start-Up

Project Name: Jackfish 2 Pad Commissioning and Start-Up

Company: Devon Energy

Duration: October 26, 2011 to Jan 18, 2021

Manhours: 12,000

Budget: Approx. $2,000,000

Scope of work: Sancon provided planning and execution of Jackfish 2 Pad’s commissioning and start-up. This included all instrument calibrations, UPS testing and setup, Profibus setup, lube oil flushing, electrical energization, and pump/compressor loaded runs. With documentation consisting of redlines, electrical heat trace and 2,000 check sheets, Sancon delivered a sound pad and complete Handover package to the Devon Energy team to assist operations and maintenance in the future. 

Additional notes

  • Zero medical aid, LTI and recordable incidents during this project.

Team Sancon’s newest addition

This past fall, Sancon Commissioning Company (Sancon) expanded south of the boarder to Denver, Colorado and opened a new arm of its premier full-service commissioning and start-up specialist enterprise. With this expansion, a new leader, Don Mercier was added to our robust business development team. 

Don’s extensive experience in the energy industry and prowess on pipeline and facility construction has been a great addition to the Sancon team. Thanks to Don’s education, Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics, University of Denver, many clients will note his analytical approach to business dealings while promoting cost-effective strategies to the commissioning process.

“Energy commissioning is a challenging and niche arena with multiple disciplines working together. I am constantly looking for ways to promote plan your work, work your plan to clients, and working with a turn-key operation like Sancon can achieve that mantra,” said Don Mercier.

When Don isn’t in the office or meeting with clients, he can be found in the mountains skiing or playing a round of golf with his three adult children.

Sancon Commissioning helps connect low-income Calgarians in a digital world

With the growing need to be online for education and work due to the pandemic, Sancon saw a need to help bridge the gap to get online access to all Calgarians. 

In August, Sancon’s Chief Operations Officer, Jonathan Evans dropped off twelve laptop and desktop computers to the Calgary Drop-In Centre, as well as five laptops to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary to help low-income Calgarians. These computers will be used to help families and individuals access their education, jobs and resources online to help address the continuing demand for online accessibility for those less fortunate. 

“Working collaboratively with our community partners including the Calgary Drop-in Centre and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary, allows Sancon to deliver on its mantra of ‘Better Community Outcomes’.”

Jonathan Evans, Chief Operations Officer

Sancon will continue to support our community builders such as the Calgary Drop-in Centre and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary to create a culture that is engaged, collaborative and diverse. 

To learn more about our Community Social Responsibility policy, check it out here:

Sancon successfully commissioned five new compressor stations in Northern British Columbia

This past spring, Sancon deployed over 90 instrumentation, electrical, process and mechanical commissioning specialists to complete the commissioning and start-up of five compressor stations simultaneously in Northern B.C.

“Our ability to mobilize almost 100 specialists in a few weeks showcases our strength as a team and instills confidence to our clients to get the job done on time and on budget,” said Jonathan Evans, Chief Operations Officer (COO).

With over 50,000 manhours to date and no lost time incidents, Sancon’s mandate of safety excellence remained in focus even during a project of this size. 

“I am proud of Team Sancon’s flexibility and professionalism during this project, with challenges ranging from changing scope to managing new safety protocols during a pandemic,” said Jonathan Evans, COO.

Currently, the project is ongoing with two of the five stations complete, and execution/support for all five scheduled to be finished and demobilized for Fall of 2021. 

To learn more about how Sancon can start smart on your next project, check out our services page here:

Sancon is excited to announce that we achieved TWO MILLION person-hours worked without a lost-time accident

In June 2021, Sancon Commissioning passed a significant milestone in our Lost Time Incident-Free journey by exceeding two million person-hours worked.   This milestone is confirmation that Sancon is dedicated to a core value of “Safety” while also completing our projects productively and efficiently. CEO Brian Douglas would like to thank and congratulate every employee at Sancon who worked so hard to make this possible.

“The success of Sancon’s safety program would not be possible without the dedication and participation of our leadership and site technicians. This achievement reflects their commitment to making safety a top priority every day.  Congratulations, and thank you for your consistent safety attitude and dedication.”

- Devon Mackenzie, HSEQ Manager, Sancon

To celebrate the achievement, Sancon will be sending out jackets as a token of appreciation to all our employees who represent Sancon’s core value of safety at home, on the job, and everywhere we go.

“Sancon believes in a proactive approach to all aspects of work safety and incorporates constant employee engagement to provide the best working conditions for our personnel, subcontractors, and visitors across every worksite. Our project teams always do an impressive job of embracing a safe working culture, and everyone is to be congratulated for their efforts in keeping themselves and fellow team members safe year after year."

Jon Evans, Chief Operations Officer, Sancon

Start Safe

Sancon opens its doors in the Bayou City

Sancon entered the Houston market with its first office space in the Energy Corridor on the west side of the city on June 1, 2021. 

“Houston is a hub for the energy sector and will become Sancon Commissioning Inc.’s premier office location for our southern U.S. operations.”

- Dennis Killoran, President, Sancon. 

The new office is located at: 

15115 Park Road Blvd, Houston TX 77084

Overall, the Houston commissioning office location is the base for Sancon’s U.S. operations and business development team to connect with energy-sector leaders and promote Sancon’s comprehensive integrated commissioning service program.

“With our continued focus on expanding our client base and showcasing our skill-set as the premier commissioning service provider, the move to the Bayou City was an imperative change."

- Dennis Killoran, President, Sancon. 

Thanks to the Houston office opening, Sancon can supply the southern U.S. with a full-service commissioning approach with staff specializing in project management, project controls and trades including mechanical, process, electrical and instrumentation. 

If you are interested in finding out more about Sancon’s commissioning and pre-commissioning services, please contact us at 832-200-6107. Our current commissioning offices in Calgary, Belledune, Grand Prairie and Denver will remain open and continue to support our employees and clients in those areas.

Delivering Better Community Outcomes

Policy on Economic, Social and Governance Issues

Embracing Diversity, Equal Opportunities, Local Engagement and Indigenous Peoples


Sancon commits to effective practices and operations governing Community Social Responsibility, Diversity and Indigenous Engagement. The Sancon client base consists of large industrial project owners who have differing CSR, local and Indigenous Engagement requirements and strategies. This policy is developed to meet both client requirements and establish the principles on which Sancon will operate in the community. Sancon will strive to deliver Better Community Outcomes by embracing the challenge to building a culture that supports all our stakeholders.

“We will be a good neighbor, stewards of the environment, and respect the rights of indigenous peoples and partners of the communities in which we operate. We will foster growth and development for all who work for us and for all we impact in our daily activities.”

- Heinz Inabnit, Chief Development Officer


Sancon strives to foster Better Community Outcomes and to contribute positively to the communities in which it operates. Sancon recognizes the strength of diversity and the importance of local engagement, spending and hiring. Sancon strives to build a culture that is engaged, collaborative and diverse. We highly value competency and employee development while fostering a shared commitment to excellence. Our team seeks to build on the different skill sets, experiences, perspectives and backgrounds to create a problem-solving work environment that delivers better project outcomes. This engagement, diversity and passion empowers our team to bring real value to all our stakeholders, whether staff, the local community or our customers.

Sancon will adopt governance, human resource management and project management policies that reflect the diversity of the communities we operate in, seeks staff feedback and addresses the concerns and objectives of all stakeholders in carrying out our work.

This includes recognizing the diversity of Indigenous peoples and underserved communities who live where we work and operate. We understand that the history of Indigenous peoples in our operating areas has included social and economic exclusion, and Sancon recognizes the importance of reconciliation between Indigenous communities and broader society, as well as capacity building and sharing of economic benefits. Positive relationships with Indigenous peoples, based on mutual respect and focused on achieving common goals, will create constructive outcomes for Indigenous communities and for Sancon. Sancon commits to pursue sustainable relationships with Indigenous communities in our operational areas. 

To achieve this, Sancon will govern itself by the following principles: 

∙ We recognize the legal and constitutional rights possessed by Indigenous peoples, and the importance of the relationship between Indigenous peoples and their traditional lands and resources. We commit to working with Indigenous communities in a manner that recognizes and respects those legal and constitutional rights and the traditional lands and resources to which they apply, and we commit to ensuring that our projects and operations are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner. 

∙ We will support the consultation with Indigenous peoples about our client projects and operations promoting processes that seek to achieve early and meaningful engagement so their input can help define the projects that may occur on lands traditionally occupied by Indigenous peoples. 

∙ We commit to working with Indigenous peoples to achieve benefits for them resulting from our projects and operations, including opportunities in training and education, employment, procurement, business development, and community development. 

∙ We will foster understanding of the history and culture of Indigenous peoples among Sancon employees and contractors, to create better relationships between its client base and Indigenous communities. 

This commitment is a shared responsibility involving Sancon and its affiliates, employees, and contractors, and we will conduct business in a manner that reflects the above principles. Sancon will provide ongoing leadership and resources to ensure the effective implementation of the above principles, including the development of implementation strategies and specific action plans. These principles often apply equally to underserved and local communities and we will strive to foster the same inclusive culture for the diverse communities we serve.

Our business and culture rests on the foundation of our people. Safety and respect for the environment is always our top priority. Our education and training systems focus not only on competency development but on building a culture of safety and risk management. Our team is equally proud of its safety culture as it is of our quality of service. As we work in many jurisdictions, we pull from best practices to ensure we meet the highest standards in HSEQ. We maintain memberships in the primary 3rd party safety systems and strongly manage our ISO-registered quality system.

Sancon commits to periodically review this policy to ensure it remains relevant and meets changing expectations, as well as developing an action plan with defined activities, measurable outcomes and reporting.

Sancon is expanding to Grande Prairie

Sancon and its management team are pleased to announce a regional expansion with a new office location in Grande Prairie opening on May 13, 2021.

The new office is located at the following address: 

11511 95 Ave, Suite #101
Grande Prairie, Alberta

The new Grande Prairie commissioning office location will provide better access for visitors and employees in the Peace region especially for driving commuters and those flying into Grande Prairie, as it is located close to the airport and highway 43.

This regional expansion into the northern Alberta commissioning arena highlights Sancon’s effort to reach its clients to make it easier for communicating project needs and for our team to provide customized solutions. Recently, Sancon has had an added focus on implementing our value to our clients and making it easier to access to our services both digitally and in-person, while adhering to Covid-19 protocols. With this new office, we are hoping to build stronger relationships in the Grande Prairie energy industry.

If you are interested in finding out more about Sancon’s northern Alberta commissioning and pre-commissioning services, please contact us at 587-803-5418. Our current commissioning offices in Calgary, Belledune and Denver will remain open and continue to support those areas employees and clients.

The Sancon Difference

When choosing an organization to help with your next commissioning and start-up project, you need people you can trust, are experts in their field and who challenge the status-quo. You want a team of people who can guide you through a seamless process to reduce costs and yield  Better Project Outcomes.

Sancon is the premier full-service commissioning and start-up specialist spanning North America.  Since its inception in 2006, Sancon’s focus and experience has been directed at the commissioning and start-up of heavy industrial projects. Sancon was created with the fundamental belief that industry needed a better and more comprehensive solution to address ineffective commissioning and start-up practices.

“After working on industrial projects year after year, Brian and I came across the same problems related to start-up and commissioning,” said Dennis Killoran, Sancon director. “We saw a gap in project execution and decided to address them with the creation of Sancon.”

Once Sancon was off the ground and running, a multi-disciplinary team with trained staff, ISO-based processes and procedures was built to achieve project success and become a leader in the commissioning and start-up space. 

“Most of our highly skilled workforce have been with us since the beginning and go through our rigorous training process to become commissioning and start-up specialists,” said Killoran. “We take pride in our ability to have the best in the business, and the time we invest in their success.”

Further, our team has developed a commissioning project management-focused process adhering to sustainability requirements based onthe best practices of Waterfall and Agile methodologies. 

Thanks to Sancon staff’s expertise and proved years of experience, you can feel confident having them on your next project and delivering Better Project Outcomes. We provide best-in-class commissioning and start-up support with complete customization to meet your needs.

The importance of professional development with Team Sancon

As an organization we value professional development. We recognize the importance of standardizing and continuously improving our processes and work practices – and providing the technical skill training to staff to ensure consistent and safe work performance. Internally we provide a training management system and competency development program that is a difference-maker for both Sancon and its client partners.

We believe it is important to share this knowledge and to benefit the commissioning community. To this end we are going to establish an open professional development series, highlighting what we consider key best practices, tips and techniques to deliver Better Project Outcomes. These will be open to people who follow us – not just staff who have already had this exposure – but to competitors, subcontractors and client staff.

If you are interested in learning more about our online educational sessions - The Start Up, please visit our registration page here.

Sancon believes in a collaborative working environment – and in nurturing a culture of self-improvement and professional development. We are open to suggestions for future topics – and to answering questions on an ongoing basis through social media – and in direct conversations. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

As an organization, an important facet in employee retention and recruiting is the demonstrated willingness to continually improve – through professional development and personal self-improvement training. We recognize this important personal value system – and see it as a critical element in integrating a safe, quality and healthy workplace.

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