Project Profile: Jackfish 2 Pad Commissioning and Start-Up

Project Name: Jackfish 2 Pad Commissioning and Start-Up

Company: Devon Energy

Duration: October 26, 2011 to Jan 18, 2021

Manhours: 12,000

Budget: Approx. $2,000,000

Scope of work: Sancon provided planning and execution of Jackfish 2 Pad’s commissioning and start-up. This included all instrument calibrations, UPS testing and setup, Profibus setup, lube oil flushing, electrical energization, and pump/compressor loaded runs. With documentation consisting of redlines, electrical heat trace and 2,000 check sheets, Sancon delivered a sound pad and complete Handover package to the Devon Energy team to assist operations and maintenance in the future. 

Additional notes

  • Zero medical aid, LTI and recordable incidents during this project.
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