Sancon delivers Better Project Outcomes with a full range of services for your commissioning engineering and specialized project requirements – whether for Operational Readiness or for ongoing sustainable operations. The Sancon multi-disciplinary approach and excellence at every stage supplies a full range of solutions to client needs. Start Smart with Sancon.

Sancon can be your strategic partner, providing a full range of commissioning engineering services. Sancon applies industry-leading processes and procedures to your operational readiness requirements. Typical commissioning engineering services include these items:
  • CSU Strategic Planning & Governance
    • Development of AWP (Advanced Work Packaging)
    • Development of CSU Execution Strategy or Plan
    • Development of Roles and Responsibility Matrix per direct activities
    • Development of Mechanical Completion Plan
    • Development of System Turn-Over Sequencing Strategy
    • Project Cold Eyes Review - Based on commissioning philosophy
    • Development of Commissionable System Boundary Demarcation
    • Project Controls and Estimates
      • Development of CSU WBS
      • Development of Integrated CSU Project Schedule (Primavera P6/Microsoft Project)
      • CSU Manpower Estimate Development
      • Commissioning & Start-Up Budgets
      • Equipment, Materials, Services Estimate Development
    • CSU Procedure & Packages Development
      • Design Hazard Id Review (CSU Perspective inclusive)
      • Project Execution Control of Work (PTW/LOTO) Procedural Development
      • Development Electronic System Boundary Development – (BlueBeam)
      • Package / System Performance and Functional Test Writing
      • Development of Start-Up Procedures
      • Facility Performance Test Procedure Development
      • Factory Acceptance Test Guideline Development
      • Piping System Integrity Testing Work Pack Development (N2 inert / pressure test, GALT, Junk Blows, Chem Clean, etc.)
      • Preservation Plan Development
      • Safe Operating Practices Development
      • Technical Training Development
      • Drafting Services (IFA, redlines, as-built)
    Should you have additional specific requirements, speak to Sancon about a customized solution – tailored to your needs.
Sancon can provide support with its specialized commissioning engineering and related services at either your planning / office site or in the field at project sites. This support can either be dedicated teams or ‘as-required’ to meet your needs. Typical site services include:
  • Contract project leadership staffing
  • Factory Acceptance Testing Witness & Leadership
  • Module / Fabrication Yard Quality Inspection (all disciplines)
  • Operations and Maintenance support services
  • Project Management - Quality, Commissioning & Startup, MOC, Turnaround
  • Project Coordination - Commissioning, Punch list, Control of Work, Preservation, Turnaround, Vendor Management, etc.
  • CSU Direct Labor - Rotating Mechanical - Millwrights, Process Ops, Instrumentation, Electrical (LV-MV-HV)
  • Preservation Implementation
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Contract Operations
Any of the listed Commissioning Engineering services related to planning can be carried out at your planning office site, in 3rd party engineering offices or at site, as required. Should you have additional specific requirements, speak to Sancon about a customized solution – tailored to your needs.
Sancon can provide its services remotely as required. In addition to the commissioning engineering planning services, keep your project under control and meet cost targets with:
  • Technical writing
  • Competency development planning
  • Operational readiness planning
  • Remote project controls – cost, schedule, deliverables, document management
  • Full range of commissioning engineering planning as listed above
Should you have additional specific remote requirements, speak to Sancon about a customized solution – tailored to your needs.
Sancon can provide specialized project support as required. This support can either be dedicated teams or ‘as-required’ / ‘on-demand’ to meet your needs. Typical support services include:
  • Specialized contract staffing – leadership and field – multi discipline, all levels
  • Project controls
  • Sancon Completion System (Mechanical completion software – customized to your requirements and enabling full transparency and project progress tracking and reporting)
  • Mechanical Completions and Handover specialists (familiar with and experienced on major MC software packages)
The Sancon Completion System (SCS) is a web-based management system built on an Oracle platform providing industry leading access, strength, security, simplicity, scheduling and project management.

SCS contains the collective knowledge and experience gained over 11 years. This experience enables our customers to:
  • Improve Project Management
  • Monitor Vendor Scheduling
  • Improve Workforce Productivity
  • Manage Cost Control and Reduction
  • Adhere to Milestone and Overall Project Completion Dates

The Sancon Completion System introduces Live Traceability to projects enabling schedule completion updates on an hourly basis. Our system is designed to ensure maximum productivity of the workforce, early identification of project schedule slippage and identify opportunities to not only mitigate schedule slippage but to advance deliverables and work activities enabling an overall project timeline reduction.

In addition, SCS can be used as a stand-alone system or in conjunction with other major MC software packages. Our team is fully conversant in all the major packages and SCS is used as an effective tool for clients requiring support other than major packages. Cost of licensing can be waived for customers using other Sancon resources.
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