New educational workshop series announced – The Start-Up

Sancon is launching a new educational online series to run throughout the 2021 year called The Start-Up. This complimentary educational online workshop focuses on providing tools and processes to help attendees create an efficient commissioning program and have a better grasp of commissioning.

Sancon wants to help grow attendees’ skills and knowledge to help develop the next generation of commissioning leaders and provide insight into the complex world achieving Better Project Outcomes. 

Hear from Sancon's own industry experts Dennis Killoran and Heinz Inabnit, as well as special guests, on various topics from defining commissioning scope to transition management.

The first two sessions are available for registration, make sure you claim your seat today!

Profile on Chief Financial Officer, Mallory Killoran

With Sancon’s new organizational structure announced on January 11, 2021, a new member of the business’ leadership team is Mallory Killoran in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The role of CFO will be responsible for financial control and reporting on administrative and support systems as well as assessing the overall financial health of the organization. 

Killoran has been a part of the Sancon team since graduating from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2010. Killoran also completed a project management certificate from Northern Alberta Institute in Technology in 2014 to further develop her skills and experience. 

“With the challenging year of 2020 behind us, Sancon has a revitalized focus on moving the business toward a prosperous year. I am looking forward to securing Sancon’s financial security and investing in the organization’s future,” said Killoran. 

With Killoran’s experience as the head of finance for Sancon for the past eleven years, her expertise on accounting processes and sustaining financial health will be an asset to the Sancon leadership team as the organization continues to grow.

For more information about the new organizational structure, click here.

Profile on Chief Operations Officer – Jonathan Evans

Since Sancon has recently announced its new organizational structure on January 11, 2021, we decided to profile a new member of the business’ leadership team.  

Sancon’s new Chief Operations Officer (COO) is Jonathan Evans, responsible for overall field operation of Sancon including human resources, health, safety and environment (HSE) and quality management. 

Since 2013, Evans has worked with Sancon in many on-site positions and has been instrumental in the growth of Sancon’s electrical division thanks to his advanced knowledge of on protection setting and testing. 

“Thanks to my on-site experiences and working with a wide-range of specialties and clients, I have a solid understanding of the importance of relationship building and having the right personnel for the job,” said Evans.

As a 2014 graduate of Electrical Engineering from Dalhousie University and an Electrical Engineering Technology diploma from Nova Scotia Community College, Evans developed a keen eye for detail and approachable management style. With his experience, Evans will be a great addition to the leadership team and the role of COO. For more information about the new organizational structure here.

Announcement of new Sancon Commissioning Ltd. organizational structure

January 11, 2021 (Calgary, AB) – Sancon Commissioning Ltd. (Sancon) today announces major changes to the organizational structure, intended to better reflect the growth of its business portfolio and recent expansion into the U.S. market. 

This change effects the new executive structure and leadership in key position to allow Sancon to make continuous improvements to its internal processes and procedures. Pivoting from president and director positions to c-level positions, aligns and reflects Sancon’s organizational growth and market share with its current client base.

“Sancon is happy to announce these changes to our organizational structure to optimize   alignment for our respective departments. With our continued growth, Sancon can focus on achieving corporate milestones while delivering better project outcomes our clients have entrusted us with in the past,” said Heinz Inabnit, CDO. 

Sancon welcomes Mallory Killoran, taking on the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Jonathan Evans in the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO) to the leadership team. Previous Sancon leaders, Brian Douglas and Heinz Inabnit will move the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) role and Chief Development Officer (CDO), respectively. Dennis Killoran remains in the director position for Sancon, but will focus on the growth and management of Sancon’s sister organization in the states – Sancon Commissioning Inc. 

Media Contact 

Heinz Inabnit


What are project controls and what are the benefits?

When you think about the term control, the first things that might come to mind are power, authority and management. However, in the realm of project management, the term control is much more comparable to steering a ship through stormy weather. It’s not about sticking to the path you plotted before you departed; it is about continuously updating the course to get there, evaluating your location throughout the voyage, and keeping a watchful eye on what lies ahead to make sure you make it on time and budget.

Generally speaking, project controls is a discipline integrated in the project team, where cost controllers, estimators, schedulers, managers and other team members can measure and analyze how a project is progressing and pivot priorities to meet the needs to the project.

For Sancon, using project controls helps reduce risk and costs for its clients by tracking “earned” and “burned” hours, calculating discipline efficiency and forecast for the future based on those efficiencies. 

What are “earned” hours?

Earned hours is the work being completed in the field against the schedule which activities can include: static and dynamic checks, walk downs, operations support, vendor support and other inspections. In short, how long does Sancon think a task will take.

What are “burned” hours?

The manhours it takes to complete a static check sheet, a dynamic test or other planned activities. Basically, how long did it actually take to complete the “earned” hours task.

How does Sancon calculate discipline efficiency?

For each discipline, Sancon will take the “earned” hours number and divide it by the “burned” hours sum to produce the discipline efficiency ratio.

For all projects, Sancon is able to track work activities depending on the client’s preference using tools such as excel spreadsheet, access databases and completion software.  Thanks to digital advances, Sancon has its own software system, the Sancon Completion System (SCS). Read more about it here. 

This continuous monitoring gives the project team and owner valuable knowledge about the project’s performance and highlights areas that require special attention and may need changes. With this proactive approach, Sancon can anticipate to the common issues and provide scheduling confidence, avoiding budget overrun and delays.

To learn more about how Sancon can help use project controls on your next initiative, please contact us:

A look back at 2020 with Sancon

With the end of 2020 quickly approaching, Sancon wants to take an opportunity to thank our clients and employees for their continued commitment to the success of our organization. 

We have come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories, and it was reassuring to know that we can count on all of our employees and industry partners. By working collaboratively together, Sancon was able to complete multiple projects for our existing clients and increase our market reach with several new client partnerships including the commissioning of a diluent package, upstream processing, midstream expansions and utility power projects. The completion of the performance test at a northern BC site was a significant achievement with all the obstacles of 2020 and COVID.

This past year marked major milestones in the growth and investment of Sancon with the launch of its new completely digital completion system , the opening of its new sister company with an office in Denver, Colorado and COR certification for Sancon’s health and safety program.

Looking back, this year at Sancon was full of memorable events that brought us closer together as a team. 2020 enriched our company with new achievements, expansion and progress. We do hope that 2021 will welcome more and inspiring projects for our dedicated staff to execute with Sancon’s known professionalism and commitment to quality. 

Sancon’s nimble on-site abilities pay off for client

This past fall, Sancon executed the commissioning and start-up of a new diluent package utilizing client’s own completion system, Hexagon, Smart Completions. This project was one of the first to be managed with the client’s brand-new completion system, showcasing Sancon’s experience working with a multitude of completion systems. 

Beyond operating the client’s completion system, the over 7,000-man hour project featured tie-ins to an existing facility and the addition of a new MCC and pump building. With over 13 Sancon staff from six different disciplines, this project was completed with 100 days hurt free, on budget and on schedule. 

Another success was Sancon’s ability to work safely through the pandemic, following all client requirements and provincial regulations. Sancon worked closely with the construction contractor, as well as the client building a strong working relationship and communication between all parties. 

For more information about how Sancon can work on your next endeavour and achieve Better Project Outcomes, please visit our Services page or chat with one of our commissioning experts.

Celebrating our Sancon community leaders on Giving Tuesday

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, Sancon is featuring one if its employees who challenges the status-quo to make a difference in his community – Michael Sheret, Lead Planner.

Mentoring has always been a part of Michael Sheret because it was part of his father’s life. 

Growing up in Ontario, Michael’s dad was a “Little” with “Uncle’s at Large”, a similar program to Big Brothers Big Sister which helps young people in the community to form relationships they need to become resilient and realize their full potential.  

During Michael’s formative years, his father expressed the positive influence his mentor had on his life. As Michael got older, he understood how fortunate he was to grow up with his father around. Thanks to his father sharing his mentoring experience, it inspired Michael to take a leadership role in his community and signed up as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary.

“Thinking back to my childhood and being able to spend quality time with dad, I quickly understood the importance and impact of having a good adult role model,” said Michael Sheret.

Since signing up with Big Brothers Big Sisters three years ago, Michael has been a “Big” to a now 15-year-old boy in Calgary. The pair felt an immediate connection and have been in contact ever since. 

In addition to being a mentor, Michael consistently helps Big Brothers Big Sisters as a member of its fundraising committee for “Big Brunch”, a major breakfast fundraising event for the programs. This past year, Michael sponsored the event under his company “Best Capital Bond” to further help the organization invest in its community mentoring programs.

“Making a difference in your community can be as simple as being a reliable, unbiased friend, a positive influence to a young person developing or just listening to someone’s struggles and empathizing,” said Michael Sheret. “It doesn’t take a lot of time to be a mentor, just two hours a month can have an impact on a young person’s self-esteem and confidence.”

To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) and how you can get involved, please visit BBBS’s website:

Sancon Commissioning receives Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Government through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program

Since 2006, Sancon Commissioning has demonstrated its commitment to developing and maintaining a proactive safety culture. In 2020, Sancon validated their Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) by having their program assessed by a provincial certifying partner, and the company Director's Dennis Killoran, Brian Douglas, and Heinz Inabnit are pleased to announce that they have received the Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the ACSA certifying partner on October 19, 2020. 

The Sancon HSEQ Manager, Mr. Devon Mackenzie, stated, "The achievement of COR certification gives our customers the additional confidence that Sancon is implementing health and safety due diligence company-wide.  We will continue to provide employees, the public, and our clients with outstanding commissioning services for better project outcomes, by ensuring the safety and the well-being of all persons working directly or indirectly with Sancon remains our first consideration when planning work activities."

In addition to COR accreditation, Sancon has introduced a cloud-based safety management program that provides digital documentation, compliance management, direct internal communication, and reporting with our clients. To learn more about Sancon Commissioning services, their history, and achievements, please visit

Sancon Completion System is now completely digital

November 10, 2020 (Calgary, AB) Sancon unveiled its new additions to its Sancon Completion System (SCS) this fall to make the system fully digital. The new additions to SCS include a digital application to facilitate soft checks sheets, punch lists and tracking work. This system is now completely compatible on both iOS and Android systems.

“The driving factor behind the new digitization of SCS is to increase productivity through its new approach, enabling clients to get up-to-the-minute information to make critical commissioning decisions,” Brian Douglas, Vice President of Operations, Sancon.

In the coming months, SCS software additions will become a standard value-add for every Sancon project. Providing critical information and tools for clients to access project progression, punch list tracking and clearing and check sheet updates via an application-based program.

“With a pilot of the new complete digitization underway, Sancon is working diligently to fine-tune SCS to meet the high standard Sancon has been known for, while meeting client needs for a digital approach to project execution and management,” Dennis Killoran, President, Sancon. 

SCS is designed to consolidate asset information in a simple application, available in iOS and Android, to manage all your projects, large or small, by enabling your organization to effectively plan, execute and manage towards Better Project Outcomes.

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