Sancon Turnaround Capabilities

Sancon is a multi-discipline commissioning and testing company based in Calgary, AB with offices located in Denver, CO, Houston, TX, Grand Prairie, AB and Belledune, NB.  Since its inception Sancon has been a leader in the commissioning sector, being the first ISO 9001:2008 (2015) registered commissioning firm in Canada. Our dynamic, multi-disciplinary and experienced team can help your next turnaround and maintenance project achieve ‘Better Project Outcomes’.

Turnaround projects are critical to any industrial plant and refinery. They often come with tight schedules and a hefty price tag. With Sancon’s experience and comprehensive approach to planning, testing and troubleshooting, turnaround clients can feel confident in starting smart with our team assisting from strategic planning to closeout. Our team works with each of our clients to optimize their turnaround schedule and budget to maintenance issues resolved and improving facility efficiency.

Sancon has experience in turnaround and maintenance experience with a full range of Technicians, covering the following but are not limited to:


Protection and Controls – Relay testing 

UPS Testing & battery discharge testing

Transformer testing and commissioning

LV HV Cable insulation testing (VLF)

HV switch yard & substation testing

Electrical Preventative Maintenance 

VFD testing 

LV/MV/HV Motor testing

LV/MV/HV Distribution testing 

MCC/SWGR Testing

Generation & ATS electrical testing 

Heat Trace programming, testing & repair

Energization Procedure Development and testing 

LOTO implementation and management 

Instrumentation/Automation/ControlsInstrument calibrations and setup

I/O Loop checking and PLC/DCS verifications

Valve calibrations and setup

Shutdown key testing

Analyzer setup and testing

Telecoms, Scada, testing 

ABSA certified for instrument tubing fabrication & repair 


Rotating Equipment tear downs and repairs 

Mechanical seal replacements 

Lube oil console flushing 

Alignments & pipe strain checks

Vibration analysis

Accumulator checks and charging

IA checks and Desiccant replacement

Equipment runs and analysis

HVAC and Cooler Fan checks


Procedure development and reviews

Gross Air leak checks 

N2 purging and service testing

Vessel & Boiler inspections 

Unloaded and loaded equipment runs

Startup of equipment or process 

Permit to Work 

LOTO implementation and management 

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