The Sancon Difference

When choosing an organization to help with your next commissioning and start-up project, you need people you can trust, are experts in their field and who challenge the status-quo. You want a team of people who can guide you through a seamless process to reduce costs and yield  Better Project Outcomes.

Sancon is the premier full-service commissioning and start-up specialist spanning North America.  Since its inception in 2006, Sancon’s focus and experience has been directed at the commissioning and start-up of heavy industrial projects. Sancon was created with the fundamental belief that industry needed a better and more comprehensive solution to address ineffective commissioning and start-up practices.

“After working on industrial projects year after year, Brian and I came across the same problems related to start-up and commissioning,” said Dennis Killoran, Sancon director. “We saw a gap in project execution and decided to address them with the creation of Sancon.”

Once Sancon was off the ground and running, a multi-disciplinary team with trained staff, ISO-based processes and procedures was built to achieve project success and become a leader in the commissioning and start-up space. 

“Most of our highly skilled workforce have been with us since the beginning and go through our rigorous training process to become commissioning and start-up specialists,” said Killoran. “We take pride in our ability to have the best in the business, and the time we invest in their success.”

Further, our team has developed a commissioning project management-focused process adhering to sustainability requirements based onthe best practices of Waterfall and Agile methodologies. 

Thanks to Sancon staff’s expertise and proved years of experience, you can feel confident having them on your next project and delivering Better Project Outcomes. We provide best-in-class commissioning and start-up support with complete customization to meet your needs.

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