The importance of professional development with Team Sancon

As an organization we value professional development. We recognize the importance of standardizing and continuously improving our processes and work practices – and providing the technical skill training to staff to ensure consistent and safe work performance. Internally we provide a training management system and competency development program that is a difference-maker for both Sancon and its client partners.

We believe it is important to share this knowledge and to benefit the commissioning community. To this end we are going to establish an open professional development series, highlighting what we consider key best practices, tips and techniques to deliver Better Project Outcomes. These will be open to people who follow us – not just staff who have already had this exposure – but to competitors, subcontractors and client staff.

If you are interested in learning more about our online educational sessions – The Start Up, please visit our registration page here.

Sancon believes in a collaborative working environment – and in nurturing a culture of self-improvement and professional development. We are open to suggestions for future topics – and to answering questions on an ongoing basis through social media – and in direct conversations. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us.

As an organization, an important facet in employee retention and recruiting is the demonstrated willingness to continually improve – through professional development and personal self-improvement training. We recognize this important personal value system – and see it as a critical element in integrating a safe, quality and healthy workplace.

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