Profile on Chief Financial Officer, Mallory Killoran

With Sancon’s new organizational structure announced on January 11, 2021, a new member of the business’ leadership team is Mallory Killoran in the role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The role of CFO will be responsible for financial control and reporting on administrative and support systems as well as assessing the overall financial health of the organization. 

Killoran has been a part of the Sancon team since graduating from Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2010. Killoran also completed a project management certificate from Northern Alberta Institute in Technology in 2014 to further develop her skills and experience. 

“With the challenging year of 2020 behind us, Sancon has a revitalized focus on moving the business toward a prosperous year. I am looking forward to securing Sancon’s financial security and investing in the organization’s future,” said Killoran. 

With Killoran’s experience as the head of finance for Sancon for the past eleven years, her expertise on accounting processes and sustaining financial health will be an asset to the Sancon leadership team as the organization continues to grow.

For more information about the new organizational structure, click here.

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