Sancon Commissioning receives Certificate of Recognition (COR) from Alberta Government through the Partnerships in Injury Reduction Program

Since 2006, Sancon Commissioning has demonstrated its commitment to developing and maintaining a proactive safety culture. In 2020, Sancon validated their Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) by having their program assessed by a provincial certifying partner, and the company Director’s Dennis Killoran, Brian Douglas, and Heinz Inabnit are pleased to announce that they have received the Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the ACSA certifying partner on October 19, 2020. 

The Sancon HSEQ Manager, Mr. Devon Mackenzie, stated, “The achievement of COR certification gives our customers the additional confidence that Sancon is implementing health and safety due diligence company-wide.  We will continue to provide employees, the public, and our clients with outstanding commissioning services for better project outcomes, by ensuring the safety and the well-being of all persons working directly or indirectly with Sancon remains our first consideration when planning work activities.”

In addition to COR accreditation, Sancon has introduced a cloud-based safety management program that provides digital documentation, compliance management, direct internal communication, and reporting with our clients. To learn more about Sancon Commissioning services, their history, and achievements, please visit

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