Devon Energy Utilizes Sancon to Commission Pads

Since 2009, Devon Energy has selected Sancon to commission the last 18 Pads at their Jackfish facilities. Sancon was also chosen to commission their 35bbl Jackfish 2 and Jackfish 3 CPF’s. Working closely and collaboratively with our client, Sancon has been able to reduce the cost of commissioning pads by approximately 30%. This was accomplished while still maintaining facility integrity, reliability and safety.

Our procedures reside within our Sancon Integrated Management System (SIMS) and are controlled through the ISO process. As we develop new procedures that improve efficiency and effectiveness, they too are updated within our registered ISO procedures and implemented for the benefit of all our clients. We continue to work with long-term valued clients like Devon Energy to provide the highest quality, most cost effective commissioning solutions.

To learn more about Sancon’s cost effective Pad commissioning program, our ongoing commitment to ISO and our company, visit our website at You may also contact our offices located in Alberta and Eastern Canada via our website.

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