A look back at 2020 with Sancon

With the end of 2020 quickly approaching, Sancon wants to take an opportunity to thank our clients and employees for their continued commitment to the success of our organization. 

We have come through a year that was filled with both challenges and victories, and it was reassuring to know that we can count on all of our employees and industry partners. By working collaboratively together, Sancon was able to complete multiple projects for our existing clients and increase our market reach with several new client partnerships including the commissioning of a diluent package, upstream processing, midstream expansions and utility power projects. The completion of the performance test at a northern BC site was a significant achievement with all the obstacles of 2020 and COVID.

This past year marked major milestones in the growth and investment of Sancon with the launch of its new completely digital completion system , the opening of its new sister company with an office in Denver, Colorado and COR certification for Sancon’s health and safety program.

Looking back, this year at Sancon was full of memorable events that brought us closer together as a team. 2020 enriched our company with new achievements, expansion and progress. We do hope that 2021 will welcome more and inspiring projects for our dedicated staff to execute with Sancon’s known professionalism and commitment to quality. 

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