Sancon to host its first webinar to explain the process they use to cut down commissioning costs

On September 29, Sancon will be hosting its first virtual webinar on how organizations can effectively cut pre-commissioning costs from four to five percent using their process.

With over 400 industrial commissioning projects under Dennis Killoran and Heinz Inabnit’s careers they have constructed a pre-commissioning best-practice process to massively reduce costs. In this webinar, they share their EarlyWorks framework. A straightforward, step-by-step process projects can use to optimize their pre-commissioning process and move the needle on the bottom line.  

During this webinar, attendees will learn:
– The proven best practices for pre-commissioning.
– How to shave 4-5% off the cost of your next commissioning project.
– How to complete critical parts of the workflow before you even go on site.
– A step-by-step process aligned with Construction Industry Institute™ best practices.

If you wish to register for this webinar go to and save your seat today!

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