Sancon Completion System (SCS)

Sancon Completion System (SCS)

Sancon Commissioning

The Sancon Completion System (SCS) is a Web-based management system built on an Oracle platform providing industry leading access, strength, security, simplicity, scheduling and project management.

SCS contains the collective knowledge and experience gained over 11 years. This experience enables our customers to:

Improve Project Management
Manage Contactor and Supplier Accountability
Monitor Vendor Scheduling
Improve Workforce Productivity
Manage Cost Control and Reduction
Adhere to Milestone and Overall Project Completion Dates

The Sancon Completion System introduces Live Traceability to projects enabling schedule completion updates on an hourly basis. Our system is designed to ensure maximum productivity of the workforce, early identification of project schedule slippage and identify opportunities to not only mitigate schedule slippage but to advance deliverables and work activities enabling an overall project timeline reduction.