Commissioning and Start-Up

From our office located in Calgary, Sancon offers a full suite of Commissioning Services and Solutions including:

Strategic Planning Review and Support
Detailed Planning and Scoping – both pre-commissioning and commissioning
Leadership and Management Support
Field Execution Support – both pre-commissioning and commissioning
Operations and Sustainability Support and Technical Writing

Implementing Sancon’s proven Integrated Commissioning and Start-up Program (ICSP), will enable your project to be completed on or before the project completion date; operate as designed without unexpected shutdowns or performance issues and be without environmental and safety incidents relating to commissioning and start-up.  Our ISO-Registered processes and procedures have been tested and proven for over 12 years to deliver unrivaled value for our clients.  The experience and knowledge gained from the hundreds of projects we have completed are embedded in our work processes and practices and are delivered by our long-serving dedicated commissioning teams.

Our proven processes and the cumulative knowledge and experience of our professionals will benefit your project whether you select our full ICSP service or one of our Customized Commissioning offerings to meet your specific needs.  Sancon Commissioning Solutions are designed for and are proven to deliver concrete results for projects up to $12B in size.

Project Managers and Project Engineers benefit from our fully integrated Completion Systems which provides hourly and daily progression reporting and Critical Eye functionality that will provide direction for PM’s to ensure project life cycle schedule adherence.

Operations & Maintenance Support

Sancon provides Operations and Maintenance support for facilities in the Oil & Gas and Utility Industries. Our company has a large experienced multidiscipline talent base located across Canada. Sancon is well equipped and experienced in supporting ongoing operations and proactive maintenance program execution. Our expertise is derived from our long and successful history as an ISO 9001:2015 Registered Commissioning and Start-up specialist. Sancon's proven ability to integrate with our clients' teams helps to ensure that we collectively meet operational goals and PM objectives.

Our services include:

Facility specific customized safety training
Facility specific Operator training and support
Operators and Maintenance resources
Coordination services
Leadership support for turnarounds and sustainable capital projects
A safety program that has delivered 0 LTI since 2006

Sancon staff, proven and established processes and procedures combined with our experience will provide great benefit to new or established programs.

Technical Writing

Sancon’s team of Technical Writers have been involved with many projects in the Oil & Gas and Utility industries. A portion of that team has recently completed writing the Utilities and Offsite secondary extraction procedures for the Suncor Fort Hills project.

Working from our Alberta or Eastern Canada office, we collaborate with customers throughout North America and beyond. Our workforce consists of highly skilled, specially trained and experienced Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Process technicians. In addition to our employees in Alberta, we also draw from our valued remote workforce who reside across the country, providing additional expertise and support for our clients in a virtual work environment.

Our team has experience writing for projects varying in size and complexity. We work closely with our customers to gain an in-depth understanding of their working environments and documentation needs. We tailor our services to ensure seamless integration and project success.

Operating Manuals
Standard Operating Procedures
Dynamic Commissioning Procedures
Operations Training Manuals
Facility Energization Procedures
Maintenance Procedures

Customized Planning

Sancon Planning staff have decades of experience providing quality service to customers in the Oil & Gas and Utilities industries. We have provided planning services for projects ranging up to $12B in overall project cost. Our central planning office located in Calgary provides primary support for all of our Western Canadian clients. Satellite offices in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick provide local services and additional support for Eastern Canada.

Our Planning services include:

P&ID reviews
HAZOP support
Develop system list with boundary diagrams
Populate discipline tags list into completions management system
Develop check sheets based on clients specifications and populate into completions management system
Review/develop project procedures
Develop dynamic testing procedures
Review turnover dates and define handover dates
Define and develop detailed commissioning schedule
Develop detailed manpower schedule
Develop detailed commissioning budget
Develop Livening Up Plan
Development of work packs
Mechanical Completion Plan
Review and define vendor requirements and required on site dates
Identify and review commissioning/ start-up spares
Develop first fills list
Develop preservation plan
Develop and populate time sheet tracking system
Develop detailed progress reports based on client requirements

Quality Control

Fluent Project Quality Services. From start of project including Supplier & Vendor facility inspections to mod and fabrication yard monitoring, carrying the continuous quality management approach to the field execution during construction and seamlessly into our other core service commissioning and startup. Multidisciplinary staff in areas of electrical, mechanical rotating equipment, instrumentation and piping ensures Sancon provides an all inclusive product. Teamed with our CSU service our value proposition is to identify issues early and remove from our critical path, CSU. Whom better to manage your project quality.

Our Quality Control services include:

Mod Yard Inspections
Fabrication Yard Inspections
Fabrication Yard Pre-Commissioning
Factory Acceptance Testing
Supplier Package Release Inspection
Site Quality Inspections

Sancon Completion System (SCS)

The Sancon Completion System (SCS) is a Web-based management system built on an Oracle platform providing industry leading access, strength, security, simplicity, scheduling and project management.

SCS contains the collective knowledge and experience gained over 11 years. This experience enables our customers to:

Improve Project Management
Manage Contactor and Supplier Accountability
Monitor Vendor Scheduling
Improve Workforce Productivity
Manage Cost Control and Reduction
Adhere to Milestone and Overall Project Completion Dates

The Sancon Completion System introduces Live Traceability to projects enabling schedule completion updates on an hourly basis. Our system is designed to ensure maximum productivity of the workforce, early identification of project schedule slippage and identify opportunities to not only mitigate schedule slippage but to advance deliverables and work activities enabling an overall project timeline reduction.